Looking At Fashion



We went to the Boston Museum of Fine Art today to listen to a lecture about their Mega Cities Asia show. On the way to the auditorium and back we passed through a show about 21st century fashion. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at. Neither were these gentlemen.

What’s Going Down?

imageIt’s a park bench on Boston Common that I go by regularly. On many days things happen there that don’t look quite right. Today I could have sworn the lady had a needle in her hand. However, I’m not completely sure of that but to bolster my suspicion, the look on the guys face doesn’t exactly look ¬†very innocent.

Street Sleeping

R0332448-Editsmall.jpgBeing young and alone on the street is easier to do in California than other places. But one never really gets used to seeing it, especially when young girls do it.

The Emerald Kingdom

R0332230-Edit-Editsmall.jpgThe regular damp weather in certain coastal areas of California is ideal for redwood trees. Here in the Big Basin State Park, moss seems to cover everything. When the light is right the place glows like a jewel.

By the way, the huge redwood forests that once covered a lot of this country’s pacific shores are down to 5%, yes five percent!, of their original size.¬†





A Lonely Day

R0332190-Editsmall.jpgI went for a walk on the beach yesterday. It was spitting rain and there were very few people around. Someone has stuck this big branch into the sand making it look for all the world like a dead tree. I manipulated the original image to distress it and give it a sort of old fashion wet plate feel. I think this lonely mood fits.