Meanwhile On The Top Of The Mountain

I hiked up Mount Battie today. It was lovely on the trail and on the walk up I saw no one. On the top however it was another story. A fully loaded tour bus from New Jersey pulled into the parking lot and unloaded a ton of people. Now I don’t mean to be unkind and lord knows our state needs tourism dollars but…

Ball By The River

It’s the little things that count.


  Creativity  often means  holding your breath for a very long time. At last, when you are sure you will drown, something wonderful happens that you had nothing to do with  and you live to do it all over again.

New Growth

This fragile planet of ours does its best to keep on going while we, on the other hand, are mindlessly destroying it.

The Cat Lady of Swanville, Maine

Her name is Donna Talarico. She’s an ex-navy nurse with a genuine desire to help people and animals. She has a bum leg which may have to be amputated. Donna runs a clean little cat boarding facility called the “Cat Haven Inn” where from time to time we board our cat Dennis. This is Donna.   Here it is a picture of her Cat…

On The Side Of Caution (for sure!)

  This elevator is in a Boston eye clinic. Need I say more?

There Are Many Different Windows

A lot depends on which one you choose to look through.

Coming Into The Light

  This photograph is taken in a little culvert under my cousin’s driveway. It’s really a lot smaller than it looks here. I like the deception it creates. It looks big and spooky but really isn’t.  It reminds me of the way we think about our problems.

Wet Grey Leaf In The Parking Lot

Beauty is everywhere. We step on it often.

Looking Through Glass Makes It Harder To See

There is a risk for us photographers when we travel. Things are new and often exciting and we want to take pictures of them. That, after all, is what we like to do. But burying our face in a camera’s viewfinder puts a screen between us and what’s actually there. The ISO, aperture and speed settings, not to mention the histogram readout, all conspire…