On Trying To See Clearly

We went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts today and I took a hell of a lot of photographs. In the end though, what came out of that trip is how terribly hard it is to really see anything clearly.  

The Fashion Street Guy

I was chatting with this panhandler after I took his photograph when I noticed that the guy was decked out in a Ralph Lauren shirt! In fact aside from his huge beard, the guy looked pretty well off. Who knows? It takes all kinds to fill up a city.  

B&W vs Color…A Matter of Choice

The more I take photographs the more I’m drawn to the simple power of black and white. I think B&W removes the crutch that beautiful color can provide and leaves composition and tonality in charge. It pares down an image and often that seems to provide more emotional depth.

Addiction Pure And Simple

Digital Addiction….I feel it in myself and it’s beginning to really bother me. Check out….”Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked” by Adam Alter. It’s quite scarey.

Going, Going, Gone…A Glimpse Of The Future

This photo was taken 15 seconds from the front door of the Harvard Coop Store, smack dab in the middle of Harvard Square, a place with some of the highest real estate values in the state. My point for this lengthy explanation is, often we fail to see clearly what is happening on our very doorstep. We are increasingly mesmerized by the digital world…

Going Up With Straight Lines And Angles

I’m finding more and more photographic opportunities in the most mundane places. I think what makes this one is the 28mm lens on my Ricoh GR that takes in all the angles of the escalator and elevator together with the lucky coincidence of having just one person perfectly positioned in the middle of the moving stairway.

Big Hurt On Boylston Street

  This is a scene on Boylston Street outside the public library. It’s reeking with human misery. I often find it hard and indeed intrusive to take these kind of photographs, yet the emotion in them is so striking I sometimes take the shot anyway. It’s a little like war photography, without the danger of course. Recording pain for the sake of getting some…

Barista With A Grubby Beard

We recently checked out a hot new coffee spot that has just opened near us. The verdict is still out on the quality of their gustatory offerings but, to a person, their staff was terrific. They were caring, efficient and very friendly. Here’s a quick portrait I took of a happy, young barista as he took our first order. Because I was so focused…

An Apology To All Photographer’s Wives

You poor people! On behalf of all of us who constantly stick our camera into your faces we sincerely apologize. We know better. There are plenty of other subjects all around us. We know that. But since we’re always tinkering with lighting things, f stop settings, film simulations and, god help us, our latest and greatest new camera and you’re so handy; you bear…

Still Unsure (Damn!)

My previous post sang the praises of rendering this image in black and white. Drifting back just now to look at the color image, I’m starting to think that keeping the color may be a better choice. For now I’ll keep both of them around and in a month or so this quandary should settle out.