The Fly On His Foot

Here I am in the richest nation on earth. In a city bustling with tourists, happy school kids and harried business people. As I walk to the subway I see this person sprawled on the grass in the shadow of the state capitol. It god damn breaks my heart! Why why why! Of course there are a million reasons but for now all I…

iPhone Street Shooter

And yes the time is fast approaching, if it isn’t here already, when that little electronic slab in your pocket or purse will be a very very good tool for this kind of photography.

7 AM

You know the feeling, groggy, cranky, lacking caffeine and food. You push open the door to the local coffee dispensary and wait while the young shiny-pressed career personĀ  in front of you orders some mocha-latte-Americano-expresso thing. “Large coffee, black, no room for cream and one of those greasy sugar crusted doughnut things please.”

The California Esthetic

It’s sort of like pornography. Hard to describe but you know it when you see it.

Landscape? Abstract?…Visual Disconnect

I wouldn’t call this photograph much of a landscape and it certainly isn’t a conventional abstract either but somehow there’s a bit of both in it and together they give it a rather other worldly look.

Easter Swan

After all the fog pictures of yesterday, here’s one of a subject we were actually looking for.

Still Searching

It’s always been right here.

Under The Trestle

There’s an old railroad trestle that runs along the river here in Petaluma. For the most part its underpinnings are inaccessible to camera toting folks. However, there’s one spot where one can see underneath it and yesterday the midday sun lit up this mass of rocks and rotting pilings. I like this jumble composition and wondered whether it would look better in black and…

A Beautiful Cement Plant?!

Well, probably not but, the flowers and billowing clouds don’t hurt the cause.