Yes Little One It’s A Very Big Ocean

A small girl in bright colors on a beach. Those elements have a lot of potential for making a good photograph. To my eye though, what makes this image is NOT seeing the water. I’ve heard it said often, what’s not in the picture can often be as important as what is.


After the events of the last few days I can’t help but thinking that this recent photograph I took at the Frog Pond is a pretty good metaphor for the way this country feels right now.

Ann Bruck…An Unpaid Commercial

Sometimes chance deals me a fine hand. This time it was at the Boston Public Library where I had taken my WordPress buddy Steve Willard for a cup of coffee and a chance for him to show me the magic photo editing he is able to do on his iPad. Out of the blue I feel a tap on my shoulder and low and…

Under The Olympus Gun Of Steve Willard

Steve Willard is a very fine photographer. If you want to see just how good he is; check out his website  He paid a visit to Boston today and we roamed around the Back Bay and Beacon Hill area taking photographs and talking (and talking…and talking). The man certainly knows his stuff. He told and showed me things about editing pictures on his new iPad…

Storytelling 101 (I flunked)

Taking a photographic image is easy. Telling a story with it is the hard part. This photo is of the staircase in the Harvard Coop bookstore in Harvard Square. I was drawn to it because of the myriad elements it contains. Books, the graceful metal staircase, people and posters all jostle each other for prominence. But that is exactly its problem. It has no coherent…

Painting by iPhone

This is just a quick photo with my Apple iPhone as I was walking by the Frog Pond yesterday. I had no conventional camera. Do you know the french painter Georges Seurat? This shot reminds me of him. My point here is not that this photograph is somehow some great work of art. It does however underscore the point that the era of stand…

Mr. G8

  When I go street shooting sometimes my photographs are made better by accidents. It’s not that I’m totally unaware of what I want to achieve but out of the blue comes a great detail that I didn’t see initially. In this case it’s that circle with the green G8 in its lower half. Cropping the image to a 10 x 16 format puts…

Back Bay Brahmin

It’s the black hand rail with its rusty thrust into the column, the dark mottled granite, the crack in the column’s base and the trash tucked in back of the ornate flower pot that tells this story.

The Orange Bag

Of course the sleeping woman is arresting but then again the off center  splash of color is too. Initially I planned to crop the image tighter and just emphasise the figure but changed my mind after looking at it for a while. Off balance?  Yes, but then again….

A Powerful Example Of Mixed Media

Here in Boston we have a very large and well thought out central public library. In its main lobby, beside having a fine display of books, there is a coffee shop and, of all things, a radio and tv station. On certain days you can go in and watch or listen to a PBS program. My photo here is of a radio and tv host…