I’m drawn towards taking photographs of older people. They have more striking faces than the plump, unlined ones of youth. Their eyes especially speak to the journey they’ve been on.

Snack, Exercise and Reading

As I approached this lady she was deep in her book and sipping a lemonade. It wasn’t really a good picture so I went by her and headed towards Boylston Street. On a hunch I glanced back at her and bingo she was doing deep knee bends. Now that was worthy of a few pictures. There’s an old adage in photography that one should…

He’s Reading…What?!

It seems that getting information from something made of paper is pretty unusual these days. Here’s a rare photo of a man, beating the heat, obviously enjoying something that doesn’t take batteries….Wow!

Impulse Beauty

It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

America The Beautiful

I apologize for being so cynical but the news of late is so damn awful. It’s too bad this nice street shot had to be given such a gloomy title but that’s just the way I currently feel. 

Trump’s Immigration Policy

Couldn’t resist. I was just going to call this a red, white and blue abstract but the lock and colors were too much of a temptation.

The Writer Wields A Lot Of Power

The pen has been said to be mightier than the sword. I submit it can also be mightier than the camera.

Digital Overload?

There’s a wonderful place in Boston called the News Feed Cafe. It’s located right off the entrance to the new wing of our main public library. Beside serving good coffee, tea and tasty snacks, it contains a fully functioning radio and TV studio of our Public Broadcasting station WGBH.  I go there often for a quick java and to rest for a while before…


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato

Portrait Of A Good Street Photographer

He or she is a hunter with a killer instinct. Silent, moving as necessary, sometimes slow, sometimes not.  Restless eyes scanning, scanning.