We were in Maine on Memorial Day and I went to the Rockport cemetery to take some photographs as a remembrance of the trip. It was foggy that morning and after a lot of attempts at pictures of headstones and trees in the fog, I settled on this one which hardly has any gravesites in it but is a rather haunting of reminder of…

Tough Guy (Maybe)

Actually maybe he isn’t tough at all. Just a loving, gentle dad taking a break on a bench on Charles Street here in Boston. The harsh light gave me an opportunity to emphasise his big arms, strong face and bald head. The black tee-shirt and strong shadows complete this rather menacing street portrait.

Japan in Maine

There’s a lovely little spot in Rockport, Maine called Beauchamp Point. I took this image from its edge with a long (400mm) lens looking almost due east. The little foot bridge and the foggy island just offshore I think gives this place an oriental feel, especially when finished off in very contrasty black and white.

River, Sea and Sky

This is the Megunticook River in Maine as it empties into Camden Harbor. The harsh Maine light helped the colors a lot. So did the high water level of the river as it splashed high over the rocks.

Coffee House Portrait

Sometimes the god of good light gives me a present.

The Generation Gap

Took these photographs within 100 feet of each other on Charles Street today. I couldn’t resist developing each in a 16 X 9 format to bring out their contrast.  

Rainy Day Boston

There is one benefit to being out with a camera in the rain, nobody really notices you. They’re too busy trying to stay dry.

It Is A Shame…(Not The Bar, The Law)

Significantly reduced help for these folks under the proposed new health law….SAD!

Morning and Evening

I probably don’t need to say anything more.

In The Present

Being in the present. Easy to say, so hard to do.