The Dog Prefers Vanilla

  Every day this lady takes her dog friend to the ice cream truck on the corner of Arlington and Boylston Streets and buys it a small cup of vanilla. It’s their daily ritual. She always buys herself a cone.

Silver Fox…Maybe Later

There are so many stories out here on the street. Of course it is not for me to know what they are but I have a lot of fun making them up. I like shooting through restaurant windows. If I’m lucky I can catch an enigmatic couple like this one.

Long Haired Reader

Here’s one guy that you might be surprised to see in a library. On the street perhaps, or maybe in a homeless shelter, but in the main reading room of the Boston Public library? Probably not. However look again if you would please. Could it be what you are seeing is a kind of a costume? A “I don’t give a damn about what…

Pizza Man Portrait

He seemed like a nice guy and rather wistful. He had to prepare an order for 15 pizzas before they opened for business today. His early order for tomorrow is 75!

Cut and Bleeding

I was originally going to eat this pomegranate but its seeds were just too crunchy. While one half was still sitting on the cutting board the thought crossed my mind that it make make a good photograph. The blood red color of the juicy fruit seeds led to its title. 

Berry Gigantus

Remember back in the dark ages when a strawberry was the size of a strawberry.

In Moderation

Sorry for the preachy title, but when I saw this guy staring morosely at that sign, it just seemed appropriate.

Pie and Antiques in Arcadia, FL

You won’t really understand what I’m going to tell you about our day yesterday, unless you are a dyed in the wool antiques buff and/or an occasional lover of country style, high caloric eating. Because, as a treat for both of us, we drove 2 1/2 hours each way to a little town in central Florida called Arcadia, where we poked around little antique…

Cheese (And Leaves) At The Goat Farm

There is a large goat farm in Pescadero, California that is an amazing combination of high tech cheese making and clever down home marketing. It’s called Harley’s Goat Farm We stopped in town for lunch the day before we were due to fly back to Boston and hung around for a while soaking in the calm beautiful atmosphere of a business that loved…

Me At The Farm

I have been a public servant, a naval officer, a real estate developer and an art dealer but I can honestly say that this new occupation makes me happier that anything that has come before.