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Teeny and Daddy

She was squirming all over the place but the love in her eyes told a quieter story.

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Granny Peeking Out At Teeny

If this isn’t obvious let me explain. This photograph is of the deep love my wife has for her Granddaughter. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch!

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Junk Food Sunday!!

The once-a-week hot dog. Sooo good!

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Morning Read

There is, if we’re lucky, a brief time each morning when breakfast is eaten, dishes are washed and we settle down to read the paper. A treasured private moment before the day’s events begin to intrude.

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8:30 Sunday Morning

I can’t think of anything better than bare feet, a cup of coffee and the New York times.

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Careful Daddy There’s A Puddle

We were walking this morning in Sonoma County’s newest park, Tolay Lake. The area is stunning!

It’s dedication yesterday was something of a formality, as the 3,400-acre park opened in October 2018 after its master plan was officially approved. It’s accessible via an entrance on Cannon Lane, off Lakeville Highway southeast of Petaluma.

The park currently offers more than 11 miles of multi-use trails crossing grasslands and ridges with views of San Pablo Bay and beyond. Currently many of its trails are closed due to flooding.

However, the wet ground didn’t stop too many people from hiking where they could. This little girl was taking no chances and kept making sure her family was made aware of the puddles.

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Veggie Portrait


Sometimes one’s home life presents colorful photographic opportunities. This was supper 2 nights ago. I couldn’t resist.

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Look Daddy


A nice Daddy taking his son for a stroll. A sweet moment.

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Cool In The City


This week promises to be very hot and muggy. For kids, and adults too, there’s a place in the Harvard campus area that provides the perfect escape. It’s a cute little fountain setup that consists of a bunch of boulders and lots of short little fountains spraying a cooling mist over the area. It’s the perfect spot to take your hot cranky kid(s).


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Men Look, Women Find


We’re walking to town yesterday and I’ve a letter in my pocket to mail. We come to the main post office which is huge, clean and well lit. I go in to drop the letter off and can’t find the damn mail slot. I go outside to tell Sarah I’m stumped. She walks in, goes directly to the drop off point and mails the letter……So endeth the lesson.