She looks so fearful but of what?

Pigeons Working On Formation Flying

PS They weren’t very good at it.

Closing Time (It’s lonely out there.)

The loneliness is palpable.

Harvard Square

The arrangement of the figures in this photograph is one of those lucky accidents that street photographers hope for.

Boston Public Garden Fall Selfie

She yanked a low hanging branch around her shoulder to give her shot the proper background. Not great for the tree but it must have really helped the final result. Plenty of reds to be sure.  

Only In Boston

Occasionally we get some pretty interesting stuff happening in our neighborhood. For instance yesterday there was a company of “Red Coats” camping out overnight on Boston Common to commemorate the British invasion of Boston. Not only that but we also had some sort of futuristic cyborg thing hanging around too.  

Not Sure What To Title It…Ideas?

Every now and then you take a photograph of something. You like it but, you have no idea what to call it. This is an example.

Valet (A Personal Editorial)

The sign on the umbrella coupled with this young black man with his head on his hands seems to send a contemporary message.