Garage Graffiti (sort of)

Boston’s Beacon Hill is not known as a graffiti plagued neighborhood, to put it mildly. So when this garage wall came into view, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. Looking at it now I’m guessing it started off as some sort of decorative effort but degenerated into a kind of “oh what the hell” finish.

The Purple Sweater Man

There are certainly a lot of miles on this guy, a man about my age by his looks. His stance and gaze portray him as pretty menacing  but that really wasn’t the case. Just before I arrived at where he was standing he was having a very hard time with his balance and at the very second I snapped this shot he had regained…


Somehow, the news lately makes this photograph seem very appropriate.

The Cement Wall

Walking through Chinatown today, I spotted this young  lady on the other side of the street looking at her cellphone. While there is absolutely nothing eye catching about her per se, the large dirty cement wall in the background provided a grungy and very linear backdrop for her figure. The raking sunlight also created some nice long shadows. A simple moment but the elements…

A Different Kind Of Fourth

As you might expect, Boston is all decked out for the 4th of July. Flags and bunting are everywhere and people are already drifting towards the Charles River to stake out a good place from which to watch tonight’s fireworks. So far so good…but…there is also something else going on. The city is absolutely overrun with security precautions. Storrow Drive is closed both ways….

Captain Bike Zoomer

As this week comes to a close it’s time for a cute kid photo. This young man was clearly new to his two-wheeler but he showed no fear as he took off down the path in Boston Common alongside Beacon Street with his proud whizzing Dad behind him in some kind of souped-up skateboard. Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

The Sunday Times & Bill Cunningham

Hard to beat this journalistic institution, even with the terrible state of national and world affairs it is currently writing about. As an example of some of the more upbeat things to read today, take a look in the Sunday Style and Fashion section at the outpouring of tributes to the legendary photographer Bill Cunningham who died this week. The man lived like a…

Street Singing Blues Man

This young man, singing his heart out in Davis Square, Somerville is named Roland Pearsall. He’s a talented musician who not only sings other people’s songs but writes his own as well. Sarah and I had the pleasure of listening to him as we roamed around the Davis Square area checking out the stores and the movie house. Roland’s web site is Check…

Street Shooting Man

A photograph in the “it takes one to know one” category. This guy was working the corner of a downtown Boston street that has been closed off to traffic and thus has a ton of people walking and milling around in it. He’s got his trusty Olympus micro 4/3 camera at the ready and is watching the swirling street scene in front of him like…

Singing Opera On The Street

(and he’s good too!)