Dancing Medical Duo?

These two gentlemen were relaxing by the hospital’s main stairway. They looked like they were about to break into a song and dance routine.

Mass Transportation

This photograph was taken in the Porter Square subway station Cambridge, Mass. When the trains let out, the long escalators are filled with travelers. There is a great mural of old fashioned trains on the ceiling over the people. I very much liked the conrast between old and new modes of transportation.

“Dancin” Queen

A mellow day, warmish and dry. People were happy with themselves and with each other.   

It’s Only Going To Get Worse

Lousy rainy day today, but by Thanksgiving the midday temperature will be in the teens!

Not Donuts

At Boston’s Antequarian Book Fair today, this dapper gentleman was looking at a most unusual print. I have no idea what it was in reference to but the photograph was worth taking.

The Human Radio Broadcasting The News

I don’t know what his name is but he’s been doing his radio gig for decades now from his perch on a stone wall in Boston Common. He “broadcasts” the news at the top of his lungs as people, hurring to work, stream by. Today it was “It’s gonna rain hard at noon…the Bruins won in overtime 2 to 1 and the Celtics lost to…


She looks so fearful but of what?

Pigeons Working On Formation Flying

PS They weren’t very good at it.

Closing Time (It’s lonely out there.)

The loneliness is palpable.