Sitting By The River

  Silently sitting close to each other, lost in thought as the little tidal river moved slowly by. 

Without Color It’s An Entirely Different Thing

I always find it extraordinary how our emotional perceptions can change with the removal of an object’s color. This rose, before its black and white transformation, was a deep soft pink and all one really saw of it was it’s lovely hue. Take away that and the folds of the flower’s petals take center stage. The emphasis shifts to a symphony of sensual curves…

I Saw A Hanging Tree Today…Have You Ever Seen One?

They grow slowly in the back of our minds often silhouetted against a stormy night sky of our own creation. I saw this one on my walk in the hills above town today and walked by it loudly whistling a John Philip Souza march. I find that helps a lot.

Monochrome Menace and Emerald

I took a walk in some lovely woods this afternoon and took a LOT of photographs. After working on them for a long time this evening, I chose 2 that represent best the color and form of what I saw. The menace of the black and white image and the opulent green of the colored one bookend nicely my feelings about the grove.

People You Meet

There is a wonderful county park here in Petaluma called the Helen Putnam Regional park. Helen Putnam was a mayor of this city and instrumental in saving this lovely stretch of land along a high ridge overlooking the river and the city. We walk this area quite regularly because it involves a serious climb to get up to it and we always feel better…

The Photograper and The Doggy Poop Bags

            It’s what you make out of things that count.

The Powerful Little Red Soccer Ball

I have implied in earlier posts that I am increasingly interested in creating black and white photographs. However here is an example of what a pinpoint of color can do.  As we were walking our usual 2 mile loop around Shollenberger Park yesterday, Sarah pointed out a small red soccer ball that had floated up onto the marsh bordering our path. One tiny dot…

An Adobe Vanishing Point

Those always arresting photographs of railroad tracks merging in the distance are often used by art teachers as examples of a perspective’s vanishing point. The other day we visited the largest adobe building in northern California, an enormous hacienda girdled by long long porches. It’s called the Petaluma Adobe and is now a California state park. The structure was once the home of General…