Really Listening


Who knows what he’s listening to. It hardly matters. It’s the concentration on his face that tells the story.

A side note to this photograph:

It was taken with a Ricoh GR, a tiny powerhouse of a camera that punches way above its weight when used as the weapon of choice for street photography. If you aren’t aware of this little beast, I suggest you read up on it. The GR is a cult camera in Asia. Too bad it’s not better known on this side of the ocean.

Old George All Lit Up

R0331611small.jpgWalking across the Boston Garden at night always brings with it the opportunity go pass by George Washington on his horse, For some reason the sky was a black tinged with purple which made a fine background for the general.

The trick always with this view is to try to get the people (tourists and locals) from cluttering up the foreground. Tonight I was lucky.

Lady in Furs


It’s probably frowned on in the purest street shooting community, but occasionally I get a photograph of someone passing by that with a little post processing can be turned into almost a formal portrait. The above is one of those shots.