Picture of Happy

I was in a coffee shop this morning, having an 11am mug and carrying a camera as usual. As I was getting ready to leave, this quick greeting took place at the front counter. Nice to see. Really nice!

A Beautiful Cement Plant?!

Well, probably not but, the flowers and billowing clouds don’t hurt the cause.

Bird Shooting Today

I normally take pictures of people often in urban settings. Today for a change I was stalking our feathered friends. This hawk was perched on a limb and just as I snapped the shutter he took off. Notice his feet are still not retracted that’s how soon after takeoff it was. Lucky shot yes indeed. Take enough pictures and they will occasionally happen. That’s…

The Reader

Talk about pushing the vertical format. The scale of this little figure hunched against the side of this big building made this composition for me. This image was taken across the street with a telephoto lens inside my car making it easy to compose it without disturbing the subject. He never looked up once.

Mocha Break

Attention, reflection and calm are all reflected in this lady’s face. Once again my little Ricoh GR camera captures a personal moment in someone’s life. Over and over you’ll here street photographers say that the camera doesn’t matter in their work. I beg to differ. The Ricoh is small, unobtrusive and very very capable. It helps me a LOT.

The Tree On The Top Of The Hill

  Black and white photographs of the right things can be SO damn powerful. This tree is an example. In color its shape was certainly arresting but, the green grass in front of it and the blue sky behind tended to diminish its absolutely lovely form. Removing those distractions just made the whole thing pop!


Experimenting with black and white….. It takes a whole new way of seeing but done right, I like it a lot because there is no leaning on pretty color to bailout an otherwise¬†ordinary shot.

Simple Beauty

I pine for simplicity!! Simple cameras taking pictures of simple subjects often create the most impact.

Boston Public Library

Lost in thought or sad, take your pick. Our brief warm weather makes even short sleeves for a smoke break possible.