Photographing Lonely

  Nuff said…

The Great Divide

Walking the streets of a major city as much as I do, one can’t help noticing the increasing fragmentation of our society. Class, race, wealth all contribute to this but the really scary fact is so often it goes virtually unnoticed. ┬áTrump is in the White House because those in power didn’t see it or, even worse, were too myopic and self centered to…

The Break Dancing King

I marvel at the skill of these guys! Not only was this guy an extremely skilled athlete but he was a nice guy to boot. Look at the photo below. This old lady came by and started to chat with him and he interrupted his performance to speak with her.  

The Man With Magic Earrings

To me he looks right out of the hippy 60s. I think this look is probably passe by now but I really wouldn’t now. (Not really hip anymore…as if I ever was.) That said I like this portrait. He looks like a pretty nice guy.

Tough Guy (Maybe)

Actually maybe he isn’t tough at all. Just a loving, gentle dad taking a break on a bench on Charles Street here in Boston. The harsh light gave me an opportunity to emphasise his big arms, strong face and bald head. The black tee-shirt and strong shadows complete this rather menacing street portrait.

Corner of Beacon and Charles

Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time can result in a pretty good image. Such was the case today walking up Beacon Street on my way back home. The red of course is a big plus for this photograph and I plead guilty to goosing it up a tad in post processing.

A Corridor Abstract

We used to travel a lot. Digging through some of my old “road” pictures, I came upon this one. I’ve got no idea where I took this but clearly the shafts and splotches of light were of interest, as were the multiple doorways. The soft muted browns don’t hurt either.

Stage Set Rain Storm

Today was one of those days when the soaking rain was predicted to never stop. On my way back from the gym, carrying my little Ricoh GR in my pocket to keep it from getting wet, I spied, striding towards me, this big lady dressed rather sparingly on the top, carrying a little pink umbrella. In spite of the very wet weather, taking her…

Couples Counseling?

This is actually a group practicing dancing together but I contend there is enough ambivalence in the image to allow a different reading. PS I thought the railing was a hinderance at first until I saw the heart.