Beyond The Shore

There are always places beyond where we are now and then beyond that until we finally come home and find them here.

Still Searching

It’s always been right here.

In The Present

Being in the present. Easy to say, so hard to do.

Some Quiet Time

I am trying to spend a little time each day just paying attention to the silence.

On A Canal In Amsterdam

I’ve been away from this space for a while on a trip to Europe with friends. We’re still travelling but I thought I’d post this photograph I took on a boat trip around Amsterdam’s famous canals. There is something magical about moving almost silently around a city on water. (Our boat was electric.) The juxtaposition of the serenity of water with the jostling hustle…

Dying Peony

Even close to death this peony was all perfume and dignity.  May we do as well.  

A Wabi-Sabi House

These places are stark, bleak and full of the universe. If we see before we think.