Sleeping Subway Portrait


One of the absolute best things about my GH4 is the tilt and swivel touch screen. I can be sitting quietly in my seat looking down into my lap and if I’ve turned the screen just so, I can get close ups of people near me without attracting attention.

This young lady was napping almost directly across from where I was sitting. She would doze off and then snap awake suddenly as the train lurched. By paying close attention, with my finger on the shutter button, I got a number of pictures of her with her eyes closed. The standing passengers would occasionally get in the way but there were enough chances to finally come up with the one above. 



There’s no worse feeling and by the look on his face things aren’t going very well.

I actually have no idea what this man was thinking but he was hunched over way back in a corner between two buildings. I grabbed a quick shot with my Ricoh GR and almost stuck the camera in his ear.

He never even noticed.

“Daddy Loosen Up!”


Michael The Panhandler in a full throated rant about why we should give him money. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! please loosen up! It’s cold out here!” After over a decade of this you’d think he might finally do something else but he loves this street corner gig.



Phone Conversation


This guy was really letting the person on the other end have it. You could hear him half a block away. Besides his animated gesture take a look at his finger that’s doing the pointing. It is REALLY long.

Skating Silhouettes


It’s peculiar but I think these cropped shadows tell the story  of the ice rink’s motion and confusion almost as well as a full on color photograph could have done.