Summer Porch

Here in Maine there are a lot of large old summer homes built in a time when wealthy families had the time to live in them with their servants and children for a few months during the summer. Those times are pretty much gone now and these big old places are getting tired…along with their owners.

Flat Water Transportation

It looks like fun but I’m not sure old guys with bad balance would do this very well.

The Cat Lady of Swanville, Maine

Her name is Donna Talarico. She’s an ex-navy nurse with a genuine desire to help people and animals. She has a bum leg which may have to be amputated. Donna runs a clean little cat boarding facility called the “Cat Haven Inn” where from time to time we board our cat Dennis. This is Donna.   Here it is a picture of her Cat…

Amanda and Her Sala”mander”

This young lady (Amanda) had worked hard all day pulling weeds and trimming back overgrown bushes. At the end of her shift, as the cuttings were being loaded into a pickup to be hauled away, she found this slimy creature. It’s a Spotted Salamander or Mole Salamander, ( Ambystoma maculatum) if you really want to get technical.  It’s South Carolina’s official state amphibian and lives…

A Great Alan Watts Quote

Alan Watts was an English born “philosopher/entertainer” as he like to call himself. He wrote prolifically and eloquently about our wrongheaded concept of ourselves as unique and separate individuals. This little quote pulled from his book “Does it Matter” is a good example of his profound, and for most, deeply unsettling views. Civilization, comprising all the achievements of art and science, technology and industry, is…

Empty Rooms

We have run our own antiques and fine art business for about a dozen years now. Before that, we both had separate careers in the fine art field. Sarah worked for non-profit art institutions and I ran a commercial art gallery. This year, this Friday to be exact, we are selling our home and our gallery to someone else. It is time to do…

Moving Mantra

There is something about train travel that helps people enter a meditative state. The sound, the motion and the blurry world rushing by seems to put most people into a peaceful quiet place….at least for a while. Too bad it can’t last longer.

Early Digital Addiction (The plague cometh)

It’s not coming. It’s here!

The incinerated dream of Jack London.

  I would rather be ashes than dust.  I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.  I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.  The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.  I shall not waste my…

The Dancing Super Sonic Smog Man

Here in Petaluma there is a cheerful dude who is somewhat of a local institution. He quite regularly comes to the corner of D and Lakeville Streets wielding a large, banged-up plywood sign advertising a local smog testing outfit. If he only stood around and held up that sign he wouldn’t be worth much notice but he DANCES with the thing. I mean he…