Starbucks Before My First Coffee Hit

  You know the feeling. Eyes blurred, mind dull, attitude grim. Sure signs of a coffee addict waiting for his first hit.

Digital Manipulation 

The new world of making photographs into things that don’t look very photographic has arrived with a vengeance. I’m kind of reluctant to use these manipulation tools as they seem to be cheating somehow.  That said, here is an example of an app called Waterlogue that took a rather ordinary photo and made it quite pretty. I got it from a blog called….

Seeing Is Believing

On a sunny weekend in the Faneuil Hall market there are obviously a TON of tourists milling around. However mixed into the run of the mill visitors from Dayton and De Moines there are a few folks that defy discription. Here is one of them.

The Man With Magic Earrings

To me he looks right out of the hippy 60s. I think this look is probably passe by now but I really wouldn’t now. (Not really hip anymore…as if I ever was.) That said I like this portrait. He looks like a pretty nice guy.

The Gift Of Spring

The bright soft succulence of new growth brings promise to a harsh world that so often squanders this treasure. But I keep on hoping.

Boston March For Science…2017

One hell of a gathering!

Selfie In A Rear View Mirror

Couldn’t Resist…(apologies for the self promotion)

The Checkout Girl

So often it’s the light that determines the quality of a photograph isn’t it? This morning while Sarah and I were at the grocery market, I spotted this young lady bagging people’s purchases. Her face was raked by the low early morning light coming through the front windows. By eliminating some of the background clutter in post processing, this was the result. I’m biased…

Snowy Morning

FINALLY! Snow was falling this morning.  Not hard but steady.  This is really our first storm of the winter.  The park is virtually deserted.  That guy and his dog are the exceptions.

Freezing Cold…Lovely Light 

It’s been cold as hell today in Beantown but I’m having a wonderful time shooting with my new iPhone 7+. This thing is a powerhouse especially with it’s new 50mm lens.