Digital Detox

There always but ALWAYS is this damn digital addiction in our pocket or purse. It’s just got to be cut back. I’m speaking for myself of course but my guess is I’m onto a problem that you have too. I’ve deleted Twitter today and am trying to get my courage up to delete Instagram as well.

Boston Public Garden Fall Selfie

She yanked a low hanging branch around her shoulder to give her shot the proper background. Not great for the tree but it must have really helped the final result. Plenty of reds to be sure.  

Which Way To Go?

It’s all in the yellow lines!

7 AM

You know the feeling, groggy, cranky, lacking caffeine and food. You push open the door to the local coffee dispensary and wait while the young shiny-pressed career person  in front of you orders some mocha-latte-Americano-expresso thing. “Large coffee, black, no room for cream and one of those greasy sugar crusted doughnut things please.”

Saying Goodbye To Facebook

Facebook is fun. I liked it a lot. But I’m leaving it today. I’ll miss its incessant notifications, all the “likes”, weather reports, smiling birthday notifications and spooky adds about stuff I just looked at elsewhere a few hours ago; everything bouncing around in an attention grabbing silo created by some powerful invisible algorithm designed to keep my eyeballs locked on it, way beyond…

Moon Shot

It was full last night and was beautiful. Hard to photograph though due to the extreme contrast involved. To compound my misery, I had a terrible time with focus as well. That said the composition was ok and the soft out of focus atmosphere wasn’t terrible. So here you are.

Red…A One Color Story

There you have it. What more is there to say?