Sunset On The Zambezi River


We took a boat for a sunset cruise up and down the Zambezi river yesterday. To say it was memorable would be an understatement. Many different kinds of birds, hippos, crocodiles, water buffalo; you name it and it was there. 

The light when I took this shot was right out of the African Queen movie!

The Icarus Bird


It’s pretty unusual to be street shooting with a little camera like the Ricoh GR and come away with a picture like this. This bird was one of flock of pigeons that came barreling over me while I was walking through the Boston Public Garden. Silhouetted against the sun, it created a fine center point. The snap focus feature on the camera made it possible.

The Butterfly on Boylston Street


I’m really happy with this photograph; not for the subject matter, although it certainly is nice. No, I’m happy with it because of where I took it. It was on the second block of Boylston Street in Boston in an area of high end shops and a ton of foot traffic. This little butterfly was sipping nectar from a flower less than a yard off the busy sidewalk. It just goes to show you that if you stand still long enough and pay very close attention to your immediate surrounds, mother nature will occasionally reward you with a lovely gift.

By the way while we’re on the subject of mother nature and her gifts, there are now turkeys grazing on Boston Common. How they got there we’ll never know. But what fun it was to see them.

Crow Emergency Takeoff

Getting Gone

This started out as an ordinary photo of a black bird sitting on a branch silhouetted against the clear sky. However the second I pressed the shutter, the thing flung itself into the air making for a much more dynamic composition.

Lucky accident but I’ll take it. 

Small Scale House Cleaning


We’ve been doing a lot of birding while we have been in Florida. My wife Sarah loves to look for new species. So it’s always fun to catch a glimpse of them doing things one doesn’t usually see. This littled woodpecker was darting in and out of this hole in a palm tree. Each time he would reappear, he had what looked like a beak full of sawdust and he would throw it on the ground. It looked like he/she was house cleaning. Getting the place ready to raise some chicks perhaps?

The few minutes watching this ritual made the whole walk worthwhile.