It’s often as much about the context as the subject itself.

Pigeon Feeding Frenzy

There are a number of people around Boston Common who feed the pigeons like this. Wads of breadcrumbs and popcorn are used to attract large gatherings of these birds who often land on their benefactor’s shoulders and arms to get closer to their handout. If you look closely you’ll see sparrows and even an occasional starling enjoying the meal as well. But it’s the…

The Sunrise Swan

This is just a soft light pretty picture and that’s enough for me at this moment.

Easter Swan

After all the fog pictures of yesterday, here’s one of a subject we were actually looking for.

Ugly Beauty

Here’s three photographs I took of a flock of vultures sitting on pilings along the Petaluma River. These big birds are just flat ugly as creatures but there was something powerful and, dare I say, even majestic about this gathering. 

Bird Shooting Today

I normally take pictures of people often in urban settings. Today for a change I was stalking our feathered friends. This hawk was perched on a limb and just as I snapped the shutter he took off. Notice his feet are still not retracted that’s how soon after takeoff it was. Lucky shot yes indeed. Take enough pictures and they will occasionally happen. That’s…

Taken On The Bird Walk Today

It’s too bad this egret’s head is obscured by the bush but none the less its wings are great. The bird didn’t really want to take off and did so only at the last second, so I was able to get a pretty good closeup of it. I think showing it in black and white emphasizes the wings nicely.


Experimenting with black and white….. It takes a whole new way of seeing but done right, I like it a lot because there is no leaning on pretty color to bailout an otherwise ordinary shot.

Petaluma Birding

My wife is really the birder. I tag along taking pictures. This is a black-necked stilt admiring its reflection. I love the red legs.

Sunset On The Zambezi River

We took a boat for a sunset cruise up and down the Zambezi river yesterday. To say it was memorable would be an understatement. Many different kinds of birds, hippos, crocodiles, water buffalo; you name it and it was there.  The light when I took this shot was right out of the African Queen movie!