A Very Fashionable Sculpture

 With a cat for a hat and wearing a flowery underarm deodorant.  



Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Thank you Robert Van Vranken

Without Color It’s An Entirely Different Thing

I always find it extraordinary how our emotional perceptions can change with the removal of an object’s color. This rose, before its black and white transformation, was a deep soft pink and all one really saw of it was it’s lovely hue. Take away that and the folds of the flower’s petals take center stage. The emphasis shifts to a symphony of sensual curves…

Don’t Walk Through Those Easy Barn Doors

All my life I have had the tendency to “go with the flow” and follow the path of least resistance. After a lot of years doing things this way I am finally beginning to learn that when I make things easy on myself I often learn less and get inferior results.  Take photography for instance. Diane Arbus once said that when she takes a…

Monochrome Menace and Emerald

I took a walk in some lovely woods this afternoon and took a LOT of photographs. After working on them for a long time this evening, I chose 2 that represent best the color and form of what I saw. The menace of the black and white image and the opulent green of the colored one bookend nicely my feelings about the grove.

Beauty By The Side Of The Road

Walking along the main street into town a few days ago I saw this young magnolia hard by the edge of the much travelled roadway. Cars were streaming by a few feet away, totally unaware of the plant’s lovely blooms. It reminded me of people, we all know them, who always seem to manage to radiate goodwill and happiness in personal circumstances that most…

Looking Through My Antique Window

There are many ways of seeing things. With intellect, with imagination, with love and as one gets older, these ways invariably take on the patina of age. That’s not a bad thing really. In fact it’s helpful. While old age may take away the sharp, brash clarity of youth, in return it softens ones field of vision and allows the myriad shades of gray to…