Urban Wall

P1010479small.jpgSo often things that we pass by daily would talke on an entirely different aspect if we just stopped for a while and looked at them…hard.

The Old Oak Tree

P1010272small.jpgIt has stood there as long as I’ve been alive, much much longer in fact. The oak is so old now that its large horizontal limbs are beginning to crack and heavy wet snow and high winds will soon do real damage. So in 10 or so more years it will probably have to come down.

The endless cycle of birth and death continues and I for one will morn its passing. But it’s comforting to know that somewhere on the edges of this vast lawn are little oak trees just beginning to sprout. 



suppose  technically this picture could be titled “Under The Overpass”. However, I felt that’s too many words.

Its color and abstract linear relationship between elements are what makes it. The fact it’s a highway structure is almost irrelevant.