Work Break

You don’t get much more tired than this.

At The Movies

Pay attention to the make-believe!


A jilted lover? Regretting a fight with her best friend? Recently fired from a job she liked very much? Or monochromatic pixels on a computer screen.

Flower Verse

“To see the world in a grain of sandand heaven in a wildflower,hold infinity in the palm of your handand eternity in an hour.”-William Blake

Lonely Day Dusk

Sony RX10 M4, ISO 1600, 1/160 @ 2.4, 24mm wide


Black and white images can be SO powerful! This subway portrait was taken with My iPhone and edited in the amazingly powerful app Snapseed.

Past History

Sometimes what isn’t there tells a wonderful story.

The Shape Of Tulips

If you ask most people what they most like about tulips, my guess would be that color tops most lists. However, if you strip tulips’ color away, look what remains. Not bad eh?

Look First!

We take too many pictures. I should know, I’m one of the worst offenders. Before reaching for our cameras, a good exercise would be to look, really look, at what we’re about to photograph. Tourist snaps are well and good, buying postcards works too. However, for a photograph to have some true meaning, thought has to go into it—the more the better.

Approaching Puberty

This morning there was what seemed like a thousand kids waiting outside our local movie theatre. As we drew nearer, the doors opened and they streamed inside. By the time we actually reached the building they were heading up the escalator to the movie. This photograph was shot through a window in the theatre. Reflections of trees outside overlay the children. The anxiety of…