Stone Fruit Still Life

I rarely, very rarely, do any still life photography. Today is a rare exception. My wife has a distinctive collection of antique stone fruits in an old woven wire bowl. Here is a low light, closeup view of it. The nice colors are the result of Fujifilm’s fine color science.

The Black Tree Mood

Yesterday’s, was clear and sunny and this photograph was taken in color. So why the dingy monochrome look? The simple answer is, it’s the way I felt.

This Covid-19 lockdown is getting on my nerves. The photograph could have and maybe even should have been developed as a colorful landscape. I just couldn’t do it.

It’s going to rain quite a bit this week.

Tall Simplicity

The composition of this image is simple, very VERY simple. In fact this lady’s left hand is in the dead center of the photograph. However, simplicity is not the only reason I like it. Look at the shadows on the wall. They’re painted on!

This photo was taken in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and the wall background is actually a piece of art.