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A Soothing “Postcard” View

This photograph is of the Arlington Street Church’s tower framed by some trees growing just inside Boston’s Public Garden. As images go it’s a perfectly nice juxtaposition of the natural with the urban environment. I like it but it’s nothing special. A “postcard” picture if you will.

However, in this time of Covid-19, it helps take the edge off my jagged emotional state.

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We Will Kiss Again

This rather poignant, hopeful sign sits on a Washington Street on the edge of Downtown Crossing. On it flashes various messages relating to the virus. My wife was particularly drawn to this one. She’s photographing it for her diary.

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Early Morning Sermon

We had gone to Roche Brothers in Downtown Crossing for some early morning grocery shopping. Not having had breakfast, we bought a snack in their fast food area and sat down outside to eat it, when out of the blue came a roving street preacher. He didn’t stay long but his decibel level left a very strong impression.


What We Take For Real…Isn’t

Photographers, especially those of us who roam the streets, are prone to thinking that what they photograph is an honest glimpse of reality. It isn’t. What we shoot is only one person’s reality — ours.

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Beauty can Be Found almost Anywhere

Our building has a backyard that is weedy and overgrown. The walls of the buildings that surround it are cracked and flaking. Yet in times past, this old birdbath indicates it had known better days. I hope this photograph brightens up your day.

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Mask Fashion

It’s getting to be quite popular lately. I’m embarrassed to say that my grubby blue one is not nearly keeping up with the fashionistas around here, like this lady.

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Trying To See

We as Americans have come to a dark place.It will take time to find our way out of it but we will.

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“The Way Life Should Be”

FINALLY we’ll have a chance to escape Boston’s lockdown and travel north to god’s country (Rockport, Maine) to visit family and friends. It will be a short visit but to say we’re looking forward to it is a VAST understatement.

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What Do We Have Against Her?

That brings us to yelling obscenities at and threatening violence to each other.

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Tapped Out

“Have you ever had the feeling that there wasn’t a soul left on the planet that remembered your name or face or the sound of your laugh?”

 From “House of Coates” A book by Brad Zellar