John Ames

A retired, Harvard-educated art dealer living in Boston, Massachusetts, I’ve been a trustee of many nonprofit organizations, an officer in the US Navy, a co-owner of a construction business and once held a leadership position in the Massachusetts legislature. I like to post some of what I think of as my better photographs and talk about things I find interesting. However, fair warning dear reader, these posts will tend to wander as my interests are varied….Welcome!                                 

8 Comments on “About

  1. Hi john, this is gleydi the waitress at cpk it was so nice to see the picture. The reason why i got that tattoo was because i have been judged by so many people in the USA since i came here from my country. What you wrote makes me really happy to know that there is still good people out there..i hope to see you soon, please ask for me if you go there another time!

    • What a nice comment! The pleasure was all ours! We sure will ask for you next time.

  2. Hi John, thanks so much for your friendly email the other day regarding my stuff at my blog. That mail made a large part of my day 🙂
    Thanks a lot again and keep up the very interesting work here.

  3. I am slowly working through your images and find them so thought provoking; you definitely have an eye for that (stop you in your tracks moment) pleased I found you.

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