The Dying Embers of a Rose

There’s as 16mm 1.4 lens that you can get for the Fuji X system that, in my opinion, is absolutely magic. Part of the lens’ beauty is that it can focus very closely. It’s not a macro for sure but you’d never believe how close it can get.

Take a hard look at this photo. The subject is a rather nondescript rose on its last legs. But when I shot it very closely and let Lightroom do some alchemy, the rose became another creature altogether.

4 thoughts on “The Dying Embers of a Rose

      1. Joe

        I love the 56mm but the 90mm is weather sealed and has very fast focusing. In all honesty I would be hard pressed to pick one. I would choose both of them over the 23mm 1.4. Don’t get me wrong the 23mm 1.4 is superb but I’m more of a 50mm equivalent focal length shooter (hence the 32mm 1.8 Zeiss Touit lens that’s in my bag).

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