Worried Blonde

There’s a particular stairway in the old section of Petaluma, CA that’s quite narrow. I have found that by standing right at the top of it, I’m often able to take some pretty good candid portraits of people climbing it. The dark smudges on the wall behind them as they crest the landing makes a rather good background.

This lady with the furrowed brow and striking very long blond hair was a lucky shot I got about an hour ago today. I say “lucky” because she was moving very fast and there was only one quick chance to take her picture.

2 thoughts on “Worried Blonde

  1. aussiestreetpics

    I like this approach for candid portraits…..the background is perfect. I often find myself using graffiti art as background which mostly takes the eye away from the subject so I need to smarten up my techniques.

    1. JohnAmes

      I find that if there’s a place where the odds of getting a good shot are increased, I’ll hang around there for a while. It’s a lazy man’s technique but it works.

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