Christmas Night


I don’t know about you, but for me, there are times when happy holidays can have a hollow sorrowful sound.

6 Comments on “Christmas Night

  1. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely shot. The lit greenery follows the woman’s profile perfectly.

  2. They never meet our expectations. Last year we were sick and stayed home instead of exposing the relatives. This year we got ice and snow, stayed home again, but enjoyed the White Christmas feel around the neighborhood. Not quite what we planned, but better in some respects. We probably need to start changing our expectations, the whole “third times a charm” thing. Enjoy the holiday you get 😁

  3. Tis true so I’ve changed my way of thinking about holidays. That way there’s no disappointment.

    • The way we celebrate this holiday seems way to intense for my taste. All our emphasis on shopping seems way overblown.

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