Going Up With Straight Lines And Angles


I’m finding more and more photographic opportunities in the most mundane places. I think what makes this one is the 28mm lens on my Ricoh GR that takes in all the angles of the escalator and elevator together with the lucky coincidence of having just one person perfectly positioned in the middle of the moving stairway.

4 thoughts on “Going Up With Straight Lines And Angles

  1. faransilverton

    This is a fascinating photo. At first I was thinking how the lines all create such a sense of movement, but strangely then the man and escalator actually look immobile. And the elevator to Braintree looks like a sign out of a sci fi movie. Nice work!

    1. JohnAmes

      To be honest the result of this shot surprised me. I took it primarily because there was only one figure on the escalator and I thought that might be interesting but later, upon really looking at it, the lines came into play. Glad you liked it.

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