Portrait of Sarah


In case I haven’t told you before, my wife Sarah is a voracious reader. I admire that trait very much and often wish I read more myself. However I’m dyslexic and content myself to more visual activities. I took this picture of her in our local Starbucks as she was chugging along trying to finish a book that she didn’t like.

Why read a book you don’t like you ask? She belongs to a book club of very fierce opinionated ladies and it was required reading for this month’s meeting.

4 Comments on “Portrait of Sarah

  1. My ex used to finish books she started even if she didn’t like them. Must be some weird compulsion about not leaving a job unfinished or something. I, on the other hand, have been known to fail to finish a book even though I really liked it! What can I say?

  2. Great shot ~ and I love seeing such sights, people who can dive and get lost at any time in what they are reading. Great shot John.

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