Under The Olympus Gun Of Steve Willard


Steve Willard is a very fine photographer. If you want to see just how good he is; check out his website  https://stevenwillardimages.wordpress.com/.  He paid a visit to Boston today and we roamed around the Back Bay and Beacon Hill area taking photographs and talking (and talking…and talking). The man certainly knows his stuff. He told and showed me things about editing pictures on his new iPad Pro that seemed almost magical. I came away from our time together very determined to make more use of my iPad. I know it will take awhile to get up to speed but Steve’s teachings really were inspirational. 


6 thoughts on “Under The Olympus Gun Of Steve Willard

  1. stevenjwillard

    Isn’t there a poem that goes “something something something, to see ourselves as others see us, something something”, you know the rest. Or something like that, right? Thanks for sparing the day to show me around.

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