Long Haired Reader


Here’s one guy that you might be surprised to see in a library. On the street perhaps, or maybe in a homeless shelter, but in the main reading room of the Boston Public library? Probably not. However look again if you would please. Could it be what you are seeing is a kind of a costume? A “I don’t give a damn about what you might think of me because under this jaunty hat, I’m a fantastic writer doing research on my book of poetry that will knock your goddamn socks off.” 

I love puzzles like this.


One Comment on “Long Haired Reader

  1. I love this me personally try not to pass judgment on any one of what they may wear or how they choose to live there life what I find is that my mind wonders when looking at people in general I find myself thinking what do they do with there life what there job do they live a solitary life or a family life basically what makes people tick

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