Saying Goodbye…A Tender Moment

large- copy.jpg

Occasionally I feel like a voyeur taking some of these pictures. This intimate moment was captured on the sidewalk outside of the Whole Foods Market on Boston’s Cambridge Street. It was a very tender moment and while I felt a little awkward taking this picture, the emotion in it is wonderful.

2 Comments on “Saying Goodbye…A Tender Moment

  1. I have sometimes wondered if, just maybe, I was revealing too much about myself in some of my posts. Surprisingly though, I have never had reason to be sorry later. Revealing something about others, especially if it’s without their knowledge, walks a narrower path. My belief, and that’s all it is, is that if you can honestly say your motives are good, and you mean no harm nor embarrassment to your subject, and you do not profit monetarily, you shouldn’t need to worry. This image looks like it meets my test, at least.

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