It Was That Kind of Day


With photography you can sometimes tell a story better using less visual information. Today while I was trudging down a street in Cambridge on an errand, it was raining pretty hard. There were lots of people on the sidewalk all bundled up in rain gear many clutching umbrellas.

After taking a lot of shots of of wet folks slogging along and not getting a decent picture, it occurred to me that the vast puddles on the sidewalk might better tell what kind of day it was.

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Bowtie Wearer With Bad Knees I spent my early years in Massachusetts in a little town called Easton. I went to Harvard, served in the Navy as Operations Officer on and LST, founded a construction company and served in the state Legislature as Assistant Minority Leader. However my life really began when I moved to Maine and opened an art gallery. I've been around the fine arts in the commercial art business for over 25 years now and loved (almost) every minute of it. I look at every day is a gift, except when it's very cold outside or I have to go to the dentist.

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