Observing A Fellow Street Shooter


You know, the more I do this stuff, the less I’m sure that the ton of very expensive photo gear she’s toting is going to make all that much difference in her final image. I hope it does but I doubt it.

3 Comments on “Observing A Fellow Street Shooter

  1. Good point. In Australia at least, women can get away with various street photography practices that would get a man in trouble. Accordingly I prefer to use a discreet small camera unless I’m out shooting with my wife in which case I feel comfortable using a larger camera……we just look like a couple of tourists.

    • What small camera do you use? For a lot of my stuff I use a Ricoh GR II.

      • I’m using a Sony Rx100 ii and love it because it’s pocketable, has a tilt screen and people don’t feel threatened by it. I know your Ricoh has a very good reputation for street photography.

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