Our Disgusting Hemp Fest


Every year about this time the Boston Common hosts something called Hemp Fest. Ostensibly this gathering is some kind of celebration of the benefits of marijuana. There are a lot of booths selling smoking paraphernalia, magazines extolling the virtues of the weed and food vans of all kinds. Add to all that, impassioned speeches yelling about getting a yes vote on this year’s legalize pot referendum and plenty of ear drum shattering rap music. 

I suppose this is all well and good, free speech and all that, but if this crowd is any example of the virtues of the drug, I for one had a hard time seeing it. All I saw was a bunch of young kids sitting around getting stoned and leaving buckets of trash everywhere.


3 Comments on “Our Disgusting Hemp Fest

  1. Why do people keep grouping Hemp in with Marijuana.?? THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING !!! Marijuana is about getting high (and the medical benefit) mostly getting high. Hemp is used for hundreds of other things. clothing, food, building materials.

    • You’re absolutely correct. This post was only meant to be critical of the terrible mess the latest “Hemp Fest” created.

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