Travelling Kitty


I saw these guys heading toward the North Station the other day and I was struck by 2 things. First, how much they were lugging and second, how scruffy they looked. So being the snap shooter I am, I grabbed a couple of pictures of them as they passed by. If you can believe it, I never saw that lovely white cat.

So much for being observant. 

2 Comments on “Travelling Kitty

  1. It strikes me as I look at this picture that if I were to carry the things I needed on my back, the items would each need to be essential for my survival. How human to bring along your kitty, potentially useless to one’s survival physically, but maybe essential for the survival of one’s humanity. Although, on second thought, maybe a kitty is good at keeping the varmints away while one sleeps?

    • What you don’t see is the dog the third member of this scruffy group has.

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