The Cement Wall


Walking through Chinatown today, I spotted this young  lady on the other side of the street looking at her cellphone. While there is absolutely nothing eye catching about her per se, the large dirty cement wall in the background provided a grungy and very linear backdrop for her figure. The raking sunlight also created some nice long shadows. A simple moment but the elements came together well in black and white.

2 thoughts on “The Cement Wall

  1. stevenjwillard

    I like this one very much. The ambiguity of the face in shadow, the wrinkled dress, the weight on one foot like the statue of David, the fact I can’t really see what she is holding; all against that textured wall. Very nice, John.

    1. JohnAmes

      Thanks Steve! Although I didn’t say this in the original post, to me there is an almost zen like silence in it.

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