A Different Kind Of Fourth

As you might expect, Boston is all decked out for the 4th of July. Flags and bunting are everywhere and people are already drifting towards the Charles River to stake out a good place from which to watch tonight’s fireworks.



So far so good…but…there is also something else going on.


The city is absolutely overrun with security precautions.

Storrow Drive is closed both ways.


There are guys with guns everywhere. There are bomb sniffing dogs, EMS portable hospitals, armored vehicles plus a whole bunch of security you can’t even see. It feels like what passengers have to go through to get on an airplane. All of this is to make sure folks are safe as they lie on the grass in a summer evening listening to the Boston Pops Orchestra.

We need this to listen to music?!





Meanwhile a few blocks in from the riverfront, a young lady is chalking a remembrance of the Boston marathon bombing on the sidewalk exactly where the bomb exploded.


And a guy from Texas is going to a Red Sox game.


Life goes on.

Have a wonderful fourth!



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