A Water View of Boston


When I first lived here, the tallest building was the new Prudential Tower. Now look at this place. There are tall buildings everywhere and many, many more are going up in the seaport section of the city.

We will never be a New York but here if you have access to our harbor you can visit the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. It’s a world-class group of islands,  many accessible by ferry  from downtown Boston, where historic forts, overnight camping, hiking and just plain nature watching wait to be enjoyed.

This picture was taken from our ferry as we started off from Long Wharf on a morning exploration of Georges Island of Fort Warren, a fortification which started its service  way back in revolutionary days. It was a fun morning in the boisterous company of many many school kids enjoying an end of school year field trip.


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Bowtie Wearer With Bad Knees I spent my early years in Massachusetts in a little town called Easton. I went to Harvard, served in the Navy as Operations Officer on and LST, founded a construction company and served in the state Legislature as Assistant Minority Leader. However my life really began when I moved to Maine and opened an art gallery. I've been around the fine arts in the commercial art business for over 25 years now and loved (almost) every minute of it. I look at every day is a gift, except when it's very cold outside or I have to go to the dentist.

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