Creativity Lives Here



My sister in law lives in Camden, Maine and has a beautiful big studio where she paints, does collages and assemblages. When we visited her yesterday I took very few pictures of her artwork, which I might add is very good. Rather I was drawn to the tools of her trade which seemed to radiate a beauty all their own.

5 Comments on “Creativity Lives Here

  1. I like these kind of images making me wonder what is created by the person whose space it is.

    • The artist is Amy Lowry, Sarah’s sister. I’ll post some of her work in progress next time we go by her place.

  2. Creation can be a messy business and artists shouldn’t be judged by the chaos that surrounds them (not that you have done that). But it is interesting to look behind the curtain sometimes to get a glimpse of the process and how order, and art, has been created.

    • There’re many paths that lead towards the light. Couldn’t agree more.

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