3 thoughts on “Retro Retro Retro!

  1. stevenjwillard

    I’d like to have a dollar for the photos I took with Rollies, ‘cords and ‘flexs. Wonderful cameras and I often miss the simple interface. Much as I like my digital cameras, they can be confusing to use (yesterday spent 45 minutes at B&H getting tutored in the mysteries of the Olympus menu system).

      1. stevenjwillard

        If you, and I don’t necessarily mean you, John, have never used a twin lens camera (and it needn’t be a Rollie, there a number of others like Yashica and Minolta) it can be very instructive.

        I would invite people to buy, or borrow a camera, buy a brick (that’s an old film term for a dozen rolls) of film and go take pictures. No light meter, no rear screen on the back to chimp. Use the exposure suggestions that come with the film. Use the first roll, that’s twelve frames, to get the idea of how the thing works, then go for it. I promise you will be a better photographer in the end, and you will have a little more respect for us old farts who learned photography that way.

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