The Latest Urban Scam

P1010894small.jpgLook closely at this guy. Looks like some sort of asian (Buddhist?) monk doesn’t he? All diffident and enlightened with his saffron robes and soft smile. He’ll respectfully offer you a little metal token that looks like some sort of religious talisman and start by asking you for 2o dollars. (Not one dollar, twenty!) Furthermore if you look the least bit interested, he’ll up the ante to 4o bucks and offer to give you a pretty little wooden bracelet in return. His aggression will ratchet up the longer you linger.

Bottom line: He’s a fake with a really clever, almost totally silent, marketing pitch and a bunch of give away trinkets to throw you off guard. The New York Times published an expose of these guys a while ago and now they are all over Boston’s Back Bay.






Which only goes to prove  the crooked folk have endless creative ways to seperate generous people from their money.

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