The Actor and The Rose

This story begins as I am walking across the Boston Garden on my way to pick up some soup at the Shaw’s Supermarket at the Prudential Center. As usual I have my camera with me. Almost to the Boylston gate I spy this lovely pink rose peaking up from a garden bed that appeared to already be put to bed for winter. It was an unusual site so I stopped to take some pictures of it.


As I was working, a voice behind me said, “That’s my rose. I put it there. It’s a fake.”

Behind me was a guy with his camera set up on a tripod, who introduced himself as an independent movie maker and an actor. We chatted for a while about him and his work and as I prepared to go, I asked if I could take his portrait. He had a great face and was dressed in a way that looked like he had just come from some kind of acting job.

Here he is.


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