Going Where The Wind Blows Him


In a departure from my usual attempts to show good photographs, I want to introduce you to this guy.

His name is Glen and he is, or was, a Major in the Australian army who just retired after 40! years of service. He’s taking his retirement pay and wandering around the globe on his much beloved BMW touring motorcycle.

He said his wife usually goes with him but she recently broke her leg in Africa and had to go home to recuperate. I asked him where he was headed. “To Niagara Falls today mate. Then it’s on to Kentucky to see an old army buddy and after that I thought I’d pop down to New Orleans to see that town. After that I’ll just have to see which way the wind is blowing.”

I asked him how long he’s been traveling like this and how long he planned on keeping it up.

“See this Beemer. I bought her new and she’s got about 120,000 miles on her right now.”

He scratched his chin and continued.

“How long am I going to do this?

“Till the money runs out.” 

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