The Bernie Sanders Factor

R0330415-EditsmallThe kids are chalking this on the streets here in Boston and they’re carrying around handmade “Vote for Bernie” signs. Yes, I know Massachusetts isn’t a conservative place (to put it mildly) and yes, the pundits don’t think he’s got a chance. But you know what?

Young people are excited about Sanders. He’s drawing big crowds and he’s raising a lot of money from TINY donations. If I was a pundit I would look into what’s happening more closely.

My guess is that Hillary isn’t quite the shoe in for the democratic nomination that everyone thinks she is. Bernie will make her work. He’s on to something.

(Thus speaks the pundit.)

4 thoughts on “The Bernie Sanders Factor

  1. florenceforbernie

    Agreed. I was one of the 12,000 (15,000 showed up) who actually got to hear Bernie speak last night in Seattle. The event was energizing, uplifting and invigorating to those of us in attendance. Most of the people in attendance were people younger than 55. Do not be fooled by media bias that says that Bernie’s base is only those 65 and up. It isn’t true. Wait till you see what happens on college campuses once the new semester begins. Bernie will be all over the campus circuit. I am in discussion with the student body political action groups on three campuses near me and this movement will grow. Exciting times. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

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