The Hand Of Time


Given enough time nature will take back her own. This photograph is of a side wall of the building next door. Because it is somewhat secluded, maintenance people don’t get to see it very often and the result is the vegetation growth and masonry decay are taking their toll, creating a kind of wabi-sabi wall.

Many years or centuries from now, if it’s left alone, what looks like a wall today will be nothing more than a mound of thick vegetation with a tree or two shading the birds and animals that live near by.

It’s a comforting or disquieting thought, depending on one’s point of view.

5 Comments on “The Hand Of Time

  1. I have always found this phenomenon fascinating. There are plenty of images going round on the web of abandoned shopping malls and car yards that nature has reclaimed and they are all beautiful. Glad I found you, your blog is beautiful.

    • What a terrific compliment! The whole esthetic concept of wabi-sabi I find lovely.

      • Yes, funnily enough, I wrote my dissertation on the transience and ephemeral nature of architecture. Still, there is so much more to explore and your shot captures it perfectly…

      • I must say after a very short jog around your blog I very much look forward to following your adventures.

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