Say Hi To “Strayzie”


Please excuse this cat picture. I see so many on Facebook and other social media that I am loath to burden you with another. However this fellow deserves an introduction.

The name Strayzie comes from the fact that he was first seen roaming wild around my sister’s neighborhood, quite a few years ago now. A stray in every sense of the word. Suspicious, hostile and completely unwilling to accept any friendship, except the food she left for him at a discreet distance from her house.

But my sister persisted (she adores all animals) and over time, well over a year in fact, she finally lured this big tom into her home.

And here he stays. Sharing his domain with two other previous strays who don’t like him at all.

Not matter. He doesn’t care. He adores my sister and she him. Their friendship brings happiness to both of them and that’s all that really matters.

Isn’t it?


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