Wabi-Sabi Flower


For me it’s always a pleasure to discover the wabi-sabi beauty of something. This bloom is obviously dying, yet it is illuminated by a beam of the rising sun in such a way that an almost mystical loveliness shines out. 

5 Comments on “Wabi-Sabi Flower

  1. A beautiful image, John, and an excellent example of the wabi-sabi ethos. Forgive me if I go too far, but these are concepts that find more acceptance in those who have reached a certain maturity; it’s one of the rewards of age. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re certainly right about age helping one “get” wabi-sabi. I also think those who have the ability to just slow down and sit quietly begin to see it.

  2. Reblogged this on stevenwillardimages and commented:
    I have been a fan and follower of John’s since I first encountered his blog about a year ago. Call it an affinity for his style, or an an appreciation for his eye, or the recognition of a kindred spirit I always enjoy what he has to show and say.

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