In The Picture…Hopefully Not


Being a photographer involves learning a myriad things and as we progress in our art/craft we always find more to worry about. I hope this picture taken of a bridge-tender’s mirror overlooking the inland waterway symbolizes a helpful thought.

Like it or not, we are always “in the scene”, as it were, simply because we’ve got a camera pointed at our intended subject. Yet the real pros seem to have a way of becoming invisible, letting the essence of their subject dictate their final image.

The more invisible we become the more power we give our subject to fully reveal itself. Letting personal ego invade our work is a hard thing to combat but I believe the results are almost always better for keeping it at bay. 


2 Comments on “In The Picture…Hopefully Not

    • Gracias, señor. Yo no hablo español pero tenía su amable comentario traducidos.

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