New Growth (Spring is coming. Really)


With the endless snows the Northeast has been having lately, it must seem that spring will never get here. That’s not true of course but here’s a little reminder that the world where you live will be green again.

5 Comments on “New Growth (Spring is coming. Really)

  1. Reblogged this on cardioshasta and commented:
    Coloradans, like me, are looking out seeing a beautiful snowfall. We should surely break our February snowfall record by the end of this week if we get 4 and a half inches of snow.

    • Well we live in Boston and I don’t have to tell you how lousy our winter has been. Thanks for the reblog too!

    • We live in Boston and as you might guess winter is soon going to bury the city if we don’t get a break in the weather. Hard to think of snow as beautiful once it’s been on the ground for a while, but who knows maybe we’ll get an early spring. Thanks for liking the post!

      • I did see the various different scenes of your Boston winter this year, sometime after the Super Bowl. Some photos were joyful, children sledding down hills, and others not so cheerful. I can not wait to see all the green grass these snowstorms bring. You are welcome!

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