The Face Painter

R0300938small We went to the farmer’s market today. It’s a somewhat unusual one in that there are quite a few stands that sell foods that have been cooked or processed in some other way, like paella, sweet rolls, hummus and guacamole. In addition there was a guy hawking his expertise as an investment advisor as well as a professional face painter lady doing her thing.

 I say the face painter was professional because she seemed to take her job and herself very seriously. No finger paint daubing here. She had a big array of brushes and cosmetics which she applied with the utmost concentration. I came up and put my camera quite close to her as she was working and she never batted an eye or looked up once.

If the job she had done on herself was anything like the one she was doing on her little client, the kid would walk away a very satisfied customer.


4 thoughts on “The Face Painter

  1. stevenjwillard

    I thoroughly enjoy watching someone work at something they are good at, no matter what it is. I’m always amazed how efficient, how economical of movement, they can be. Painter, woodcarver or carpenter, makes no difference.

    1. JohnAmes

      And the focus…”In the zone” really applied to that woman.

      Thanks for the comment Steve. Was this the weekend you went to your workshop and if so how was it?

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