Light At The End Of Our Path


DSC00328smallBlogging is both art and craft. Like any skill, to be really good at it is hard. Practice, practice, practice is needed to be able to consistently take meaningful photographs and tell interesting stories. 2015 has great promise for all of us who like this WordPress communications medium and try to use it well.

If we continue to walk our own path toward the light.


4 Comments on “Light At The End Of Our Path

  1. Blogging indeed is art! Or.. well.. writing is art 😉 Practising it is important to get better at it, but following a path is important: doing the same thing over and over again results in the same result every time.. which is standing still on your path.. Steps forward are needed. This means: trying different things while blogging is needed, even if it means taking a step back.

    The reason if these mystic words? Some people blog a thousand times per week, saying absolutely nothing, blogging like their tweeting. And they blog a lot, but never improve.

    Your blog is absolutely fine though! I just love to jump in on opinions 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Blogging is both a private undertaking-at least for me-and a communal endeavor. It is an ongoing struggle sometimes punctuated by occasional insights, if one is lucky. I never imagined I could have sustained it this long, yet every time I think of stopping I come up with something else I want to post.

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